Floating structures for the next generation of ocean industries

SFI BLUES is a centre for research-based innovation enabling Norwegian industry to create new types of floating structures for renewable energy, aquaculture and coastal infrastructure

SFI BLUES Work Packages


SFI BLUES is a long-term, stable research collaboration, teaming up with an interdisciplinary team of researchers, engineering companies and technology providers.


The work packages describe the long-term scientific plans for SFI BLUES. The actual research is organised as projects with a duration of one to four years.


SFI BLUES is running a webinar series from 0900-0945 every second Friday. Topics range from technical presentations to industry experience within the applications relevant to SFI BLUES. The webinars are open to partners in the centre. The webinars are recorded and made available to the partners here. Suggestions for webinar topics are always welcome.

News from the centre

  • Hva er en flytende by og hva skal vi med det?
    Flere steder i verden påvirkes av havnivåstigning som følge av klimaendringer. Dette fører til  mindre tilgjengelig areal i områder som allerede er tett befolket.
  • Available position
    For a position as a PhD Candidate, the goal is a completed doctoral education up to an obtained doctoral degree.
  • Smart forklart – flytende byer
    Centre director, Vegard Øgård Aksnes, and Senior Research Scientist in SINTEF Ocean, Hagbart Skage Alsos are guests in the most recent Smart Forklart podcast episode.