2021 Annual Report

SFI BLUES is in its second year, and the 2021 Annual Report is now ready.

2021 was the first year of SFI BLUES which was officially kicked off on January 21st, and was followed up with more specific start-up meetings for the various work packages in February.

Read how the project is progressing in the newly published Annual report here.

Three PhD-students and two post docs have been employed in the centre. They are all very strong candidates which we are delighted to have onboard. You can read more about them later in this annual report. In addition, three other PhD-students have been associated with the centre, two of these are affiliated with cooperating research partners in Denmark and Germany. Nine master students started writing their thesis for SFI BLUES, and several of them are working in close collaboration with user partners in SFI BLUES.

An informal webinar series have been initiated to foster regular interaction between the partners. User and research partners give presentations approximately every second Friday on topics of high relevance to SFI BLUES. The webinars are popular and usually attract 50-60 participants.

The first scientific results have been documented in internal reports and a few scientific papers have already been submitted for publication. New associated projects have also been established during 2021. The knowledge-building project ”CYBERLAB”, the innovation project ”ImproveFlow”, the green platform project ”AluGreen” and the new centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research ”FME NorthWind” are examples of new associated projects using different funding mechanisms.

The urgent need for more renewable energy, food from the ocean and coastal infrastructure is evident due to climate change and global changes in political stability. In 2022, SFI BLUES shall continue to contribute with research and innovation to accelerate the green transition based on further development of a strong competence base in marine technology.