2021 Annual Report

SFI BLUES is in its third year, and the 2021 Annual Report is now ready.

PhD Candidate within Marine Hydrodynamics

The Department of Marine Technology has a vacancy for a PhD Candidate within marine hydrodynamics related to the topic: Wave and current load effects of moored closed aquaculture cages.

Webinar: Floating structures for the next generation of ocean industries

Last week Centre Director Vegard Øgård Aksnes presented SFI BLUES at a Blue Economy webinar. Watch the recording here!

New PhD and post doc students in SFI BLUES

Several new PhD students and post docs have started after the summer

Floating structures for the next generation of ocean industries

With a changing climate it is time for change.

Sébastien Laflèche is the first PhD-student in SFI BLUES

Sébastien Laflèche first PhD-student in SFI BLUES. He started in January 2021

WP7 Mooring and anchors

The objective of this work package is to develop solutions to secure that novel floating structures are kept at the location in a safe, sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

WP6 Advanced Materials Technology

is to provide support and expertise to innovative design in terms of material behaviour. The material solutions proposed will be an optimum between safety, reliability and economic efficiency.

WP5 Wave Structure Interaction

The objective of this WP is to broaden our understanding and knowledge on the wave loads and responses of future types of cost-efficient structures that can meet the demand for large-scale harvest of food and energy, as well as new type of coastal infrastructure, with rational models for wave-structure interaction as a goal.