Floating structures for the next generation of ocean industries

With a changing climate it is time for change.

Sébastien Laflèche is the first PhD-student in SFI BLUES

Sébastien Laflèche first PhD-student in SFI BLUES. He started in January 2021

WP7 Mooring and anchors

The objective of this work package is to develop solutions to secure that novel floating structures are kept at the location in a safe, sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

WP6 Advanced Materials Technology

is to provide support and expertise to innovative design in terms of material behaviour. The material solutions proposed will be an optimum between safety, reliability and economic efficiency.

WP5 Wave Structure Interaction

The objective of this WP is to broaden our understanding and knowledge on the wave loads and responses of future types of cost-efficient structures that can meet the demand for large-scale harvest of food and energy, as well as new type of coastal infrastructure, with rational models for wave-structure interaction as a goal.

WP4 Marine Environment

The objective is to develop improved methodologies to determine coastal metocean conditions using consistent open access hindcasts of atmospheric and oceanic parameters, in order to reduce and quantify uncertainties in the environmental description for design basis.

WP3 Design Optimisation

The objective of WP3 is to identify, develop, and apply multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) strategies which are appropriate for novel floating marine structures.

WP2 Digital FjordLab

designer can easily explore or experiment with different concepts for a given site,

WP1 Novel Concepts

The innovation objective is to support developers of novel ocean structures, by bringing together industry experts and research communities to discuss and solve complex technical issues. The scientific objective is to identify and understand technology and knowledge needs, and to convert these into research activities that can be addressed and pursued by the other WPs.