Education at Master, PhD and Postdoc level

Students in SFI BLUES are integrated tightly into the research tasks, with the goal of making the education relevant for the students and of interest for industry. Master students, PhD students and postdocs will present their work at webinars and other SFI BLUES events.

Meet our current PhD students and post docs

Aurora Skare-Haavaag, PhD-student

Affiliation: NTNU

Thesis: Membranes in waves and current

Supervisor: Trygve Kristiansen

Sébastien Laflèche, PhD-student

Affiliation: SINTEF Ocean / NTNU

Thesis: Experimental and numerical methods for coastal waves

Supervisors: Babak Ommani, Sebastien Fouques, Trygve Kristiansen

Peter Rohrer, PhD-student

Affiliation: NTNU

Thesis: Multidisciplinary design optimization of floating wind turbines

Supervisor: Erin Bachynski

Jan-Victor Björkqvist, post doc

Affiliation: MET

Topic: Fine-scale wave hindcast

Supervisors: Birgitte Furevik, Øyvind Breivik

Konstantinos Christakos, post doc

Affiliation: NTNU/MET

Topic: Characterization of inhomogeneous waves in fjords

Supervisor: Zhen Gao, Birgitte Furevik

Associated PhD students and post docs

  • Muhammad Mukhlas, PhD, 2018-2022, NTNU
    • Closed cage aquaculture structures in waves and currents
  • Zhilong Wei, PhD, 2021-2024, DTU/NTNU
    • Hydrodynamic modeling of floating seaweed farms
  • Daobo Zhang, PhD, 2021-2024, Bundeswehr University Munich
    • Isogeometric modeling of membrane structures

Current master students in SFI BLUES

  • Adélaïde Allemand, 2022, CentraleSupelec
    • Development of a web application for the optimisation of floating wind turbines
  • Henrik Reiten, 2021-2022, NTNU
    • Hydrodynamic interaction between two or more square cylinders in large-amplitude oscillatory flow
  • Bertie Rietema, 2021-2022, TU Delft (NGI)
    • Modelling of soil reactions on moving embedded anchor lines in clay
  • Yu Ma, 2021-2022, NTNU (collaboration with Aker Solutions)
    • Simplified fatigue analysis for early phase design of FWTs
  • Vignesh Balasubramaniyan, 2021-2022, NTNU (collaboration with Aker Solutions)
    • Combining fully coupled analysis and linear potential theory time domain analysis to obtain the structural response in the substructure of a floating offshore wind turbine
  • Fredrik Håland, 2021-2022, NTNU (collaboration with Dr Techn Olav Olsen)
    • Load transfer from coupled analysis to structural design of FWTs
  • Sofie Helene Råen Wettre, 2021-2022, NTNU (collaboration with Sevan SSP)
    • Experimental and numerical investigation of the Sevan OWT in waves
  • Borgar Larsen, 2021-2022, NTNU (collaboration with Sevan SSP)
    • Experimental and numerical investigation of the Sevan OWT in waves
  • Preben Dreyer Moe, 2021-2022, NTNU
    • Experimental study on wave response of closed flexible cages with and without internal flow
  • Petter Grøn, 2021, NTNU (collaboration with Ocean Sun)
    • Experimental and numerical investigation of a floating membrane solar island concept